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I've got pics from our recent trip to Georgia, I'll update with stories etc. in a day or two...
|W|P|112015393940041484|W|P|Vacation|W|P|6/20/2005 08:06:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|Donnie Snow and I played my free birthday round at the North Creek golf club. I went back to my old King Cobra knock off K-mart irons that I've learned on and shot a legit 100 which is ok for that track. But I tell you it ain't easy to take aim with a bent seven iron. On a related noted, D.S. and I are planning to start a b-weekly podcast. Basically it is a awfully transparent way to get free tee times, clubs, and related junk. We figure four hours of us playing golf together could be edited down to 30-40 minutes of solid material..I'll keep you updated when the blog/ podcast is up and running...|W|P|111931601390527665|W|P|Birthday Round At North Creek Golf Club|W|P|6/16/2005 09:31:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|HAZEUS!|W|P|111897564224286157|W|P|Jesus is my homeboy...|W|P|6/16/2005 09:25:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|I am curious to see how many people show up at this website now that I have those three things in the title of a blog post... we'll see if traffic increases...|W|P|111897513401856812|W|P|Texas Hold 'em, Mactel, Morgan Webb naked|W|P|6/16/2005 10:56:00 AM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|Blogs are proliferating as fast as a computer virus. About 20,000 new blogs are created daily, and an estimated 10 million U.S. blogs will exist by the end of 2005. I couldn't help but love the irony of blogging this story from my work computer...

read more | digg story|W|P|111893736461860314|W|P|Blogging could get you fired|W|P|6/14/2005 08:24:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|So, this should come as no surprise that my personal blog has boiled down to politics. All the damn national political blogs absolutely suck. The whole problem is that all politics are local, are the freakin "journalism" blogs ain't. The whole point of a political blog is to tell a story to as wide an audience as possible, and politics is about motivating the small group of like minded people to make their community better. So... I've desperately tried to steer the majority of my political views away from this blog. I just don't write about it most of the time. But this story..This story is a doozy. But, to know the story is to know the players so I need to start with intercom. THE FORD FAMILY Harold Ford Sr.. Mr. Ford has been a political force in Memphis and in turn Tennessee for over 30 years. He was a state Senator and then after that the first black US Representative from a former confederate state. He was elected after some shameful acts of the all white Memphis Electoral commission were exposed. Namely, throwing away 8 ballot boxes from predominately black neighborhoods when the count appeared to be going Ford's way. He won reelection every year until 1996 when he was finally replaced be his son Harold Ford Jr. Who holds the seat now. He was investigated constantly (more aggressively under Republican administrations) but never brought up on any charges. Many locals falsely believe that Harold Sr. Was run from office by scandal. Not true... John Ford When Harold Sr. moved from the State legislature to the US congress he left an open seat in the state legislature. Who ran for this seat? Harold slimy brother John. If Roger Clinton or Billy Carter ran for office you could imagine the same thing. Or maybe Neil Bush... Regardless John has been there a long time. Never very popular outside Memphis, but never the less very influential. Harold Ford Jr. The wiz kid. Harold Jr is one of the most skilled politicians you can imagine. He could be the first black president without question. Moderate Democrat, young, charismatic, good looking and smart. He has all the tools. He also has a ton of baggage associated with his family. But he was been a VERY popular figure in Tennessee politics. I have republican friends who support him locally and his seat is generally unopposed. He has had his sights on a run for the US senate for a little while now, but a few weeks ago at about 9:00am Harold Jr announced his intentions to seek the Senate seat of one Bill Frist..(you know Frist, Bush's hand picked successor to trend Lott as Senate Majority leader, the "Dr" who diagnosed Schwab from a teleprompter, or the guy who killed kittens in Medical school). It was a big announcement. And it represented a possible seismic shift in TN politics and in turn national ones. Speculative polls showed that Harold Jr has a 55% approval rating versus 40% for Frist and State wide is a more popular figure. Just as the Conservatives knocked out Tom Daschle, it looked like the democrats had their eye on Frist. But then... At 9:45 John Ford (harold's unkle), Katheryn Bowers (the Shelby county head of the democratic party and state representative) were arrested by the FBI on charges of selling votes. Apparently the was a 2 year investigation dubbed "Tennessee waltz" in which the FBI set up a sting operation to snare Ford Bowers and a few other TN democrats for basically doing what tom Delay is doing right now. . . . ... ... ..... sink in yet? Comments are welcome on this one|W|P|111879954717107363|W|P|The whole damn John Ford thing|W|P|6/12/2005 09:18:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|Played at a golf club in Oakland, TN called Fair Oaks. I played with a borrowed set of Titleist DCI irons...that was a bad move, shot a 106..ugh|W|P|111862908309691917|W|P|Shot a 106|W|P|6/11/2005 05:05:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|I'm struggling thru the Tiger Mac OSX upgrade bear with the delay....thanks|W|P|111852751533805496|W|P|Tiger update|W|P|6/09/2005 08:14:00 AM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|A cookie manipulation exploit that created a means for hackers to break into Hotmail accounts forced Microsoft into pulling a portion of its website last weekend.

read more | digg story|W|P|111832289508370837|W|P|Dear everyone, MSN products and services ARE NOT SAFE|W|P|6/08/2005 08:13:00 AM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|Sadly I read in the NY times this morning about the fact that the KFC in Pakistan has been torched 4 times since Pakistan joined the "war on terror" or as I like to call it the war on an abstract noun. I find it nuts that the hate for my country has grown to the point were a man who is clearly a local could be viciously attacked because of the smiling Symbol of the colonel. It's hard to imagine...Hey guys, if you really want to attack a symbol of American dominance and cultural insensitivity. Attack Wal-mart, attack any worldwide bank, and oil company. The poor man who owned the KFC was named Rafiq Rangoonwala, not a very Western name. The 6 people who were killed? They had all worked at the KFC, and they were all local men in their mid-20's. The killing is so sadly needless and the protest itself so meaningless, that it makes me want to cry. Please, tell your congressman to bring home the troops. The world hates us. It's time to pull back.|W|P|111823751043247342|W|P|Burnt Chicken|W|P|6/02/2005 09:49:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|Lately I've been thinking a lot about science as it relates to our lives. Computer Science, Physics, Evolution, Gravity, etc. I really am sorry I didn't take a greater interest in science in school. I might be lucky and get one more shot at it soon. Regardless, I've been surprised how much I had actually absorbed in my school age reading of Brief history of Time and how much in retrospect I understood. To listen to discussions of cosmology for the lay person I feel is much like taking hallucinogenic drugs (I hear). In the sense that everything in a moment makes perfect sense and at the same time is totally unexplainable. You want so desperately want to share this great internal discovery, and to spread it like mormons spread "good news". At the same time, you cannot find the words to describe it all. I find trying to wrap my head around the idea of Astrophysics equally inspiring and difficult... Besides, I don't have the stomach for long trips anymore. Only ones I can take in a 30 minute lunch break so Universe in a nutshell will have to do. Pick it up...Stretch your head...Man|W|P|111776763308918814|W|P|Science|W|P|6/02/2005 04:48:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|

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My daughter , my wife, and my mother in law all looking lovely outside Emily's end of school program...
|W|P|111774892029807679|W|P|3 generations|W|P|6/02/2005 08:47:00 AM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P|The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating 33 reports that Toyota's popular hybrid cars have stalled without warning. Toyota has also started its own inquiry into the highly popular Prius

read more | digg story|W|P|111772006339462433|W|P|Problems with hybrid spark investigations|W|P|6/01/2005 10:17:00 PM|W|P|Ed Arnold|W|P| Ashley and I went to see Kung Fu Hustle this last weekend and I must say it was odd. I have seen plenty of good reviews for this thing and so I was surprised to see it was such a far out flick...I enjoyed it but I had to let go of the idea that this was a laugh out loud slapstick Kung fu ripoff, which I had been led to believe it was much more of a serious action flick mixed with dry comedy and truely off the wall charecters. Check it out if you have patience for subtitles. |W|P|111768249326626500|W|P|Kung Fu Hustle|W|P|